Some Salient Points from the Statement on National Academies Report on Premium Cigars

Posted on March 10 2022

Some Salient Points from the Statement on National Academies Report on Premium Cigars


Today the National Academies of Science, Engineering, and Medicine released its report which was commissioned by the FDA and the National Institutes of Health. This report was commissioned in order to further investigate the FDA’s viewpoint of Premium Hand Rolled Cigars, and how it will govern cigars in the future.

I have done some digging through the report and came up with this synopsis. If you feel like reading the 520 page report you can find it here.

Here are the highlights, I will give my synopsis after the fact.

"Finding 3-5. The majority of premium cigar users are male, white, with higher income and education levels compared to those who smoke cigarillos, little filtered cigars, or cigarettes. Premium cigar users are on average 7–10 years older than those who smoke cigarillos or little filtered cigars. Premium cigar use is less common among youth, and only 0.6 percent of those who reported smoking a premium cigar brand in the past 30 days were under the age of 18. Premium cigar use is also less common among women, non-Hispanic Black people, and people with less than a high school education.

Finding 3-6. The frequency and intensity of smoking is lower for premium cigars compared to other types of cigars and cigarettes. Only about 5 percent of premium cigar users smoke these daily, whereas 22 percent of nonpremium cigar users, 19 percent of cigarillo users, 40 percent of filtered cigar users, and 76 percent of cigarette users smoke those products daily. The median number of cigars or cigarettes smoked per day is about 0.1 for premium cigars, 0.2 for nonpremium cigars, 0.3 for cigarillos, 1.0 for filtered cigars, and 10 for cigarettes.
Conclusion 5-4. There is insufficient evidence to determine if occasional or nondaily exclusive cigar use in general is associated with increased health risks.
Conclusion 5-5. There is strongly suggestive evidence that health consequences of premium cigar smoking overall are likely to be less than those smoking other types of cigars because the majority of premium cigar smokers are nondaily or occasional users and because they are less likely to inhale the smoke."*

It is my strong opinion that this report as a whole, and in general, strongly supports the need to separate Premium Cigars from all other nicotine based products (cigarettes, vape, chewing tobacco, flavored nicotine products, and cigarillos)

Further this report supports the call for no further input from the FDA, or any other governing body as it results to Premium Cigars.


*Taken from JC Newman Email to its retailers.


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