Top 5 Cigars of 2022 by LCC Chris

Posted on January 03 2023

Top 5 Cigars of 2022 by LCC Chris

Luxury Cigar Club Chris’ Top 5 of 2022

Ben and I were on Instagram live the other night discussing the finer points of Cigar Aficionados top 25 list that was just released. I suggest giving it a quick little watch so you can understand the different beliefs that exist around the CA top 25. During that discussion we had several requests for Luxury Cigar Club to release our own similar list. Ben and I talked about this, and we decided that our tastes were so dissimilar at times, that it would not work for us to both agree on a list, so instead I decided to write my own Top 5 list.

A few things to keep in mind. On this list there will be no Cubans. Only new world cigars, which are or were available in the United States. Second, only cigars that were released in 2022 will be on my list. Third, this list is based on the following metrics in the following order. (It is important to note that this is a completely subjective list. It’s what I like!):

  1. Flavor
  2. Consistency
  3. Construction
  4. Aesthetics
  5. Presentation

Cigar #1 of 2022.

Alfonso Anejos No.1 4x50

Wrapper: Ecuadorian

Binder: Ecuadorian

Filler: Peruvian (Volado, Seco) Nicaraguan (Ligero)

Profile: Medium+

MSRP: $30.30

Alfonso Anejos Produccion Limitada

From the man, the myth, the legend, Nelson Alfonso, the Alfonso Anejos is the next iteration of the Selected Tobaccos arsenal. Boasting significant post roll age of 4 years, combined with aged tobaccos between 2 and 3 years this cigar is the epitome of ultra-premium tobacco.

With the smallest size of the Alfonso ringing in at a whopping $30.30 a stick, this is not a cheap cigar, however, it is extraordinary value for money. It is no secret that the family here at Luxury Cigar Club absolutely loves the Selected Tobaccos lineup, and this cigar is no exception.

Produced in ultra-low quantities, the cigar is aged in state-of-the-art wood clad humidors, which impart a significantly unique flavor into the cigar. Through the process of temperature and humidity control Selected Tobaccos makes the cigar breathe and exhale through its aging. This creates unique flavors, and extreme consistency across all the sizes, and from box to box.

While this cigar may be a bit expensive for daily smoking, having a few of these in your humidor is a must. Smoke them when the grandkids are born, when you ring the new year in, or when you get that promotion at work. If you ask me every day is special, and deserving of one of these amazing works of art.


Cigar #2 of 2022.

Olmec Maduro Toro 6x52

Wrapper: Mexican San Andres Maduro

Binder: Nicaraguan

Filler: Nicaraguan      

Profile: Full

MSRP: $14.65

 Foundation Olmec Maduro

Foundation Cigars is a brand that I have recently begun to believe will one day be among the greatest cigar manufacturers in the world. Soon to be synonymous with Padron, Arturo Fuente, and La Flor Dominicana. I believe the work being done by Nick Melillo and the team at Foundation is exactly what this modern cigar market demands and needs. Although still considered by many a boutique cigar company, the cigars Foundation is making are all heavy hitters, delivering amazing value for money.

One of their newest releases is no exception to that rule. The Olmec Maduro has quickly made its way into my daily smoking list. While the complete line is well made, priced right, and delicious, there is something special about the Toro.

Beautifully constructed, and extremely consistent, this cigar is easy to understand. Sweet smooth, earthy, and delicious. Perfect for breakfast or dinner this cigar never disappoints. I am extremely excited to see what the next five years of Foundation looks like.

Cigar #3 of 2022.

Shall Not Be Named (SNBN) Robusto 5.5x52

Wrapper: Ecuadorian Corojo

Binder: Dominican

Filler: Dominican

Profile: Medium

MSRP: $10.99

SNBN by Luxury Cigar Club

It’s no secret that I love this cigar. I believe my affinity for SNBN is as much a physical connection as it is an emotional one. Some unique history of this cigar. Surrounded in controversy SNBN is a drama queen. The original name (of which I cant say here) was taken away from us by a Cease and Desist letter that we received from a company that shall not be named. At the same time we cannot even tell you who the blender of the cigar is, because of other legal reasons.

Made at one of our favorite new boutique factories in the Dominican Republic, Tabacalera Diaz Cabrerra (Google it) the SNBN is truly a perfect daily driver, with ultra-low MSRP, and MASSIVE value for money this cigar delivers every single time. Those of you that have smoked it know exactly what I am talking about.

Ecuadorian Corojo, has worked it’s way into my top favorite wrappers to smoke, partially in part to this cigar, but also to some others that have been released in 2022. I think that this leaf is one to be watched over the next couple of years, and will deliver even more amazing cigars in the future.

Now, I know how it looks putting one of the cigars we produce on a top 5, but that is exactly why this is MY top 5, it is extremely subjective, and we would not release a cigar that we didn’t love. Even still, this cigar is sweet, smooth, and leaves no after taste. Smoke them all day long, enjoy them all day long.


Cigar #4 of 2022.

Room 101 & Luxury Cigar Club Cherubs Scarlett Hogg Toro 5x52

Wrapper: Nicaraguan

Binder: Nicaraguan

Filler: Nicaraguan (Jalapa, Condega, Esteli)

Profile: Medium+

MSRP: $12.69

 Scarlett Hogg by Luxury Cigar Club and Room 101

Yes another Luxury Cigar Club custom product in affiliation with Room 101 Cigars before their move to STG. This cigar is made in Nicaragua at Joya de Nicaragua, and sh** is it delicious. Designed as a head-to-head with the Chicken which released at the same time it’s hard not to put a cigar with my likeness on the band in my top 5.

Vanity aside, this cigar is well deserving of this number 4 spot. Blended by Matt Booth and released exclusively to Luxury Cigar Club. Produced in small batches of 5,000 cigars each, this is a rare treat.

From Matt: “We have tasted life in color and heard the music of the universe in numbers. We welcome with gapingly open arms all that wish to become part of this mind bending thriller we call our brand family whilst simultaneously distilling the tears of those that hold hate in their trifling mouths so that we might further season both the product and the experiential components of our branded journey. So delicious indeed.

Cherub shit in 2022 - because nothing says love like little mythical airborne beings – juicy of flesh, strapped with modified sub guns, and Nike Cortez.”


Cigar #5 of 2022.

Warped Upper Realm Limited Edition Robusto 5x48

Wrapper: Nicaraguan (Jalapa Corojo 99)

Binder: Nicaraguan (Esteli Corojo 2012)

Filler: Nicaraguan ( Esteli Criollo 98, Jalapa Corojo 99, Condega Corojo 99)

Profile: Medium +

MSRP: $12.63

 Warped Upper Realm

The Warped Cigars Upper Realm Limited Edition was released as in experiment in all things Corjo, boasting a massive amount of Corjo varietals, the Upper Realm tastes much better than it should. Michael Gellis is no stranger to top 5 lists, and again he makes a Luxury Cigar Club Top 5 list with this amazing cigar.

Although a late entry in 2022 the Upper Realm quickly moved to the top of my daily smokes, I am sad to say that I have smoked all that I own, and only 250 cabinets of this Limited Edition Warped were made.

2022 was a pretty crazy year for the whole planet, but especially in the cigar industry. We saw so many new brands come and go, lots of drama, lots of excitement, and a ton of amazing cigars. I think it is important to always remember what cigars are about. Yes flavor, experience, price, construction are all important, but the most important thing is family. 

Since its inception the cigar has been a way for families of different backgrounds, beliefs, and stations in life, to come together and bond. The great equalizer, the common ground. Cigars are and will always be for everyone. Please remember to keep your friends and family close and of course to enjoy amazing cigars with amazing people. Here is to 2023! Family First.

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