Tatuaje Black Petite Corona AKA Black Crack

Posted on November 01 2020

Tatuaje Black Petite Corona AKA Black Crack

Vitola: 4x40

Smoking Time: 42 minutes

Cigars Smoked: 5+

Body: Full

MSRP: $4.75

Wrapper: Nicaraguan (Sun Grown Criollo Esteli)

Binder: Nicraguan

Filler: Nicaraguan

One of the many Black series releases from Tatuaje, the Tatuaje Black Petite Corona known on the streets as “Black Crack” is a favorite amongst the ranks of Luxury Cigar Club members and employees. With a blend that is slightly tweaked from the core line blend, this 40 minute smoke is perfect for lunch, or a quick trip from the office to home.

Visual Inspection: The wrapper on this cigar is uniform dark golden brown in color, and pretty much flawless. Closed foot is always exciting because of the complexity that it adds to the cigar.

Cold Draw: To the nose the wrapper smells amazing, sweet, leather, and earth. The cold draw of the cigar is more of the same, with the addition of coffee and barn yard floor notes.

First Third: When lighting a cigar with a closed foot it is important in my opinion to puff on the first smoke as you are lighting it. This gives you an indicator of what the wrapper alone tastes like. The first few puffs of this stick are full of white pepper. I can tell now that this will be a full + body smoke. On those first few puffs the pepper is accompanied by leather and earth.

As I get into the binder and filler the cigar mellows out. The cigar is now solidly full bodied and delivering amazing notes of spice, leather, sweet, coffee, and hay. The retro is strong, and full of pepper, which really brings the cigar alive.

While writing this review I am smoking my 4th Black Petite Corona in the past couple of days, and I will say one amazing thing about this cigar, aside from the initial transition from closed foot to full blend, this cigar is a solid old faithful, with very consistent burn and flavor.

The Final Third: The final third sees a slight increase in body and spice as a result of concentrating oils, however nothing significant.

Final Thoughts: This cigar is one that I will always keep in my personal humidor.  Its not called “Black Crack” for fun. This stick is a great short burst of enjoyment that is repeatable, affordable, and well just plain good. Side note, being a smaller ring gauge it will go out on you if you don’t give it the attention it deserves!

- Chris

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