J London Luxury Collection Gold Series Robsuto

Posted on August 24 2020

J London Luxury Collection Gold Series Robsuto

J London Luxury Collection Gold Series - Robusto

Cigars Smoked: 10+

MSRP: $18.00

Smoking Time: 80 minutes

Body: Medium

Vitola: 5x50

Wrapper: Aged Ecuadorian Connecticut

Binder: Aged Ecuadorian Connecticut

Filler: Undisclosed

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Visual Inspection: There are no visible imperfections in the wrapper, cap, or foot of the cigar. Smooth wrapper leaf, with clean lines.

Cold Draw: Sweet, Hay, light Earth, underlying cream.

First Third: On first light the cigar is pleasant, bright and extraordinarily well constructed. Fantastic smoke production on first puff, and very clean sharp burn, which is expected from a cigar in this price range. The ash presents extraordinarily well, with a white/grayish hue, and a very smooth outer layer (Similar to Atabey). The earth, and hay flavors are forward in the first third, and the tongue is coated by a creamy sensation. I would like to note that there was a very slight acrid note that was gone within the first ¼ inch of the cigar.

Second Third: The cigar really comes alive in the second third, the creaminess takes over and this cigar transforms to a truly luxury experience. Silky smooth, amazing mouth feel, and woody hay notes all working together like a professional orchestra of flavors. The burn is still clean, a little under straight, but nothing that needs to be corrected. The dray stays firmly at a 6.5/10 and the ash is still strong and beautiful with superb smoke production.

Final Third: Another wonderful transition happens at the tale end of the second third, creamy sweetness plays second to a deep wood flavor, completely awoken by a large retrohale.  The burn, draw, and smoke production are consistent with the first and second third, and the secondary band is removed with no damage to the cigar. No construction issues, slight white pepper notes play here in the final third.

Final Thoughts: J London cigars is truly a boutique that is just now hitting US markets, and we are happy and pleased to be one of the first to jump on the J London train. The cigar is wonderful in its construction, flavor, and presentation. I believe the J London will be a close contender to the coveted Atabey, at a slightly more affordable price point. Those of you that know me, know that I love a full range of body and flavor on my cigars. This specific cigar pairs amazingly with coffee (I highly recommend the Oak & Bond blend made exclusive for Luxury Cigar Club), or a very low proof Bourbon or Rye Whiskey. I highly suggest you try this cigar. The Lancero is also an extraordinary experience.


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