Crowned Heads Mil Dias Edmundo

Posted on December 22 2020

Crowned Heads Mil Dias Edmundo

Crowned Heads Mil Dias Edmundo

Vitola: Edmundo (5 3/8 x 52)

Smoking Time: 68

Cigars Smoked: 3

Body: Medium

Wrapper: Ecuadorian Habano

Binder: Nicaraguan

Filler: Costa Rican, Nicaraguan and Peruvian

MSRP: $10

Mil Dias, translates to 1,000 days, roughly the time it took to complete the project. Offered in 5 sizes, Corona Gordo, Double Robusto, Edmundo, Sublime, and freshly added a few months ago, Mareva XX, a limited release. Crowned Heads is influenced by a time when quality, pride, and integrity mattered.

Visual Inspection: A very nice, soft wrapper. Slightly veiny, and the seams of the wrapper are almost unnoticeable. It has trace amounts of oil giving it a light sheen.

The cigar is nicely packed, minimal soft spots, and not too firm with exceptional construction.

The cigar puts off a very nice, slightly floral scent followed by hints of fresh hay.

Cold Draw: I’m happy to say the floral hints I picked up from smelling the wrapper, are still present. Followed up by hints of almond, and fresh grass. Not a very complex start, but promising flavours. I have used a Colibri V-Cutter to cut my cigars.

First Third: The cigar took well to the flame, and appears to have a nice burn line. The draw is a little tight, but still putting out a decent amount of nice white smoke.

I’m picking up very strong notes of almond, and slightly sweet vanilla. The burn line has wavered, with slight dips around a hot spot. But it appears to be correcting itself. With a retrohale, the vanilla is very forward, and welcoming.

The almond is staying around, but it is starting to turn into a roasted flavour as undertones of cream start to show up. Floral notes are starting to appear, but not nearly as prevalent as it was in the cold draw. I have not ashed yet, it isn't drooping at all, and it has a light grey with a touch of yellow color

Second Third: The burn has evened out nicely and finally ashed, with a nice thud.

Flavours are starting to get more complex, the cream is more prominent, and hints of graham cracker start to appear, all while retaining the new roasted almond undertones. I am surprised the floral notes have not appeared more often throughout this cigar. When smoking my first cigar of the batch, it was very much forthcoming.

Getting close to the end of this third, it is becoming slightly bitter. It is not overpowering, and not a spicy bitter, but more of a bitter green lettuce. The draw of the cigar has not gotten any looser, but still is not problematic.

Final Third: Moving into the next third, my cigar has chosen to ash itself, and has maintained a solid burn line.

Flavours are starting to get a bit muddled, as the bitter green lettuce has showed up. But the roasted almond and cream are still on top. The cigar has not produced much oil throughout the cigar, which I tend to prefer. The draw has loosened up and I am getting an ample plume of smoke, which has retained its white color.

While the flavours are starting to get spicier as expected, the roasted almond hints are still very prevalent. Cream lingers on the tongue, as a slight vanilla says hello.

I put the cigar down with about an inch left, as it has started getting very hot, although I would continue smoking it if that were not the case.

Final Thoughts: I have not paired this cigar with anything, only drinking water periodically to cleanse my palate. All-In-All the cigar remained very consistent flavour wise, with only slight visitation from other flavours. Minimal wavering in the burn line, once the second third started. Although the cigars varied in flavour from stick to stick, floral, rose water, based, to a more creamy almond, I am very pleased with the cigar, and for the price point it is a great stick to share with a friend or have one yourself. Both beginners and well seasoned folk will find this stick to be a great cigar.


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