Bandolero Serie A “Aventureros” Sagaces

Posted on March 12 2021

Bandoleros Sagaces Serie A Luxury Cigar Club Cigar Review

Vitola: 5 3/8x46

Smoking Time: 68 Minutes

Cigars Smoked: 3

Body: Medium +

Wrapper: Ecuadorian

Binder: Undisclosed

Filler: Undisclosed, Peruvian

MSRP: $12

Bandolero Is the baby brother of Atabey and Byron. All of which come from Nelson Alfonso, the man behind the re-branding of the famous Cuban brand, Cohiba. Coming out of Costa Rica, you can expect all of his cigars to be expertly made and to always give you a pleasurable experience. While Bandolero is the most “inexpensive” of its family, it doesn't compromise quality. 

The Aventureros Line has recently been re-blended, and pre-released! These cigars are not yet for sale in 5 packs or boxes.

Visual Inspection: This is a beautiful wrapper, it is smooth and looks like a chocolate bar. Veins are present, but soft and are smooth to the touch. This is a visibly oily stick, and is adorned with a clean double band. The RH at the foot of the cigar is 65%, and provides nice bounce when squeezed. No soft spots appear to be present.

The foot puts off aromas of coffee, raisin, and leather. Strangely I do not pick up notes of Barnyard, which usually goes hand in hand with tobacco. A cold draw brings raisin, dates, and brown sugar, unusually sweet for a cigar, in my opinion. 

First Third: While more flavors have come out after lighting, they are largely similar. Strong hints of raisin lead the charge, and are followed by brown sugar, brazilian nuts, bakers chocolate, and nutmeg. This is starting out to be a very unique cigar, with hints of a peaty whiskey coming through as well. 

The burn line started out very well, but is slowly becoming wavey. After a touch up, I believe it will clear up. The ash is a light grey color, and is flakey, but the draw of the cigar is impeccable. It is so smooth, and provides an exceptional amount of smoke per toke, and when resting hardly puts off any. A final retrohale brings flavors of brown sugar and the familiar whiskey notes, and I close out this third.

Second Third: The burn line is definitely interesting, it cleans up, then gets wavey. It doesn't cause any issues, simply interesting to see the fluctuation. Flavors are largely similar, however have been complimented by notes of wood, which is very nice with the whiskey hints. There are small hints of pepper after finishing a drag, it lingers but only after the smoke has dissipated. The raisin is coming to and fro, sometimes strong, and then quickly becoming muted.

The aroma coming off of the lit foot are very sweet. I am truly surprised at how potent it is in this cigar, and reminds me of our exclusive from Casa Cuevas, The Flaco. The ash doesn't hold on the cigar well, which is causing the wonky burn line. As we close out this third it has brought flavors of oak and a more prevalent pepper than prior.

Last Third: This is a smooth cigar, it is getting progressively creamier. The whiskey notes have wildly faded, as have the raisin notes. Giving way to strong flavors of cherry wood, dark chocolate, brazilian nuts, pepper, and half and half. The half and half isn't so much a flavor, but more of a texture, or mouth feel, instead of the taste itself. 

I am no longer having burn issues, the ash has firmed up and I can knock it at my leisure. Which leads to a clean burn line. This cigar has turned out to be more complex than originally thought, easily one of the most smooth i've enjoyed in a while. As the Sagaces finishes up and becomes hot on the lips, flavors of brown sugar have returned and are met by milk chocolate, half and half, pepper, and a subtle floral note. A final retrohale brings pepper and cream right back.

Final Thoughts: The Sagaces is not a full bodied cigar, but it is close. A smooth medium + with no lack of flavors. Starting out as an absolute fruit-bomb, turned into a sweet, woody, petey experience, then wrapping up as a pepper and cream-bomb. This is so similar to a Byron 21st Century, it is even funny. For a $12 cigar you CANNOT beat this, it is truly a cigar all walks of life can enjoy. And another one I want to light up as soon as I lay it down to rest. While these are only offered in samplers at this time, I would recommend picking one up and trying each different vitola to see which is your favorite. 


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