Stolen Throne Call to Arms Robusto

Posted on March 15 2021

Stolen Throne Call to Arms Robusto

Vitola: 5x50

Smoking Time: 68 Minutes

Cigars Smoked: 3

Body: Medium

Wrapper: Sumatran

Binder: Nicaraguan

Filler: Nicaraguan

MSRP: $10

Stolen Throne is a very new cigar company, freshly started in 2019 by Lee Marsh and JR Cannon. They are a true boutique company, doing small runs and limited releases. Their debut cigar was the Crook of the Crown, and then came the Call to Arms, with limited releases here and there, and a new line said to be released sometime early this year.

Available in 2 sizes, corona and robusto, both in their traditional measurements. Both lines from Stolen Throne have received amazing reviews, and build anticipation for future releases. If this cigar is anything like its predecessor, I am in for a treat!

Visual Inspection: This is a beautiful looking cigar, it has minimal veins, the ones it does have are smooth, and hardly felt. Call to Arms has a matte, milk brown wrapper that is absolutely covered in tooth, and topped off with a semi-closed foot. With the RH at 65% this cigar is firm, with little give, except around the foot.

Aroma off the foot brings dry notes of barnyard, coffee beans, and almond. Construction is very good, with a large cap on the head, which did not crack or split when cut with a Colibri V Cut. A cold draw revealed sweet notes of raisin and barnyard, not very complex.

First Third: Upon lighting notes of almond, barnyard, and cedar arrive. There is no sweetness to it, which I expected more of based on the cold draw. Sumatran tobacco is new to me, I can't remember if I have smoked any before. This cigar is rather dry, in terms of flavors. A light cream flavor has arrived, but other than that, it’s lacking a certain depth that I like in my cigars.

This cigar has a decent burn line, I only touched it up after lighting it to try and keep it crisp. The ash is loose, and has a yellow color to it. A slight bitter flavor comes to, similar to a dark nut, maybe Brazilian. The Call to Arms, is slightly gaining in complexity, with the cream flavor pushing through the wood and barnyard. A retrohale brings a faint vanilla sweetness.

Second Third: Slowly this cigar is getting more depth. Hints of graham crackers and charred wood have pushed through, while still keeping the original hints of almond, barn yard, and the slightest hint of cedar. There is little pepper in the profile, which is well received by many smokers. After exhaling, lingering notes of almond and cream are very prevalent, and hang on the tongue for a while.

The ash has firmed up, and is giving off a great amount of smoke. The smoke coming off the foot has an aroma of moist earth, and burnt wood. So far, I am actually pleased with the cigar, while it started flat, it has become smooth but retained its medium profile. 

Last Third: While nothing about this cigar is complex, it is consistent. Which says something about the quality of the cigar. Notes of almond, cream, charred wood, and muted vanilla are most prevalent. Very little sub-flavors are coming through, which is why it lacks complexity.

This is a sturdy cigar, the ash is strong, the burn line is one of the best i've experienced without touch ups. Despite the hard, dry feeling wrapper, it is durable, and is now spongy, but not that of an over humidified cigar.

Final Thoughts: The Call to Arms is a reliable, and consistent smoke. I enjoy it, but It’s not something I would smoke all the time. I would recommend it to someone who likes sumatran wrappers, or someone who is new to cigars. Stolen Throne definitely produces quality cigars with amazing flavors. While I prefer the Crook of the Crown, I wouldn't recommend it to a new cigar smoker, which is where this cigar has the upper hand. These will have a spot in my humidor forever, but I would save them for a specific time when I wanted a milder smoke. For the price you cannot go wrong, and it is a great cigar to have in a company's portfolio. 

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