Warped Flor Del Valle Sky Flower Lancero Limited Edition

Posted on January 11 2021

Warped Flor Del Valle Sky Flower Lancero Limited Edition

Vitola: 7x40

Smoking Time: 65 Minutes

Cigars Smoked: 3

Body: Mild

Wrapper: Nicaraguan Medio Tiempo

Binder: Nicaraguan

Filler: Nicaraguan

MSRP: $16

Flor Del Valle translates to Flower of the valley, and was an old Cuban brand, rejuvenated with a twist only Warped could bring. With a small tweak, adding Medio Tiempo Leaf, known for adding strength and flavour. Added to their line up in 2014, this nicaraguan puro has caused heads to turn for its unique blend. 

Visual Inspection: A medium brown colored wrapper, with trace amounts of oil, and minimal tooth, gives this cigar a nice matte finish. The seams are visible and veins are creeping throughout the wrapper, and the head cap appears to be very well done. Slight squeezing revealed a nice spongy bounce. 

The aroma is rather flat, I'm not picking up much more than dry hay and almond, and a very faint sweetness. With a cold draw, it is a bit tight, even so for a lancero. I receive slight notes of must, cedar, and rose, and the cigar leaves a sweetness lingering.

First Third: On my first drag I'm surprised to pick up a graham cracker sweetness, followed by cedar and cinnamon. Quickly the cigar becomes more earthy, and slightly charred like an oak cask. While the draw is a little tight still, it isn't off-putting.

Black pepper is very prevalent, and finishes off with notes of maraschino cherry, which compliments it very well. Retrohaling only accentuates the burst of sweetness and helps tame the pepper.

Second Third: The burn line is a touch wavey, but staying consistent. Ash is a light grey color, and holds up well. I am very pleased with the durability of the end cap, after cutting with a V, it hasn't split or peeled at all. Flavours are staying consistent starting with pepper, oak, and earth, then finishing with the cherry sweetness.

Notes of cracker, and very light cream arrives on the finish. But are quickly replaced with pepper and earth, while oak and coffee peek through the earthiness. 

Final Third: As it starts becoming more complex, and more full bodied, the sweetness fades, and is replaced by roasted almond. 

Notes of black pepper, charred oak, and mild earth are very up front finishing up this cigar. A retrohale brings a vanilla sweetness which recedes quickly to pepper.

Final Thoughts: Despite draw issues, the cigar has performed very well. While complex at points, overall the flavours were consistent, with short visits of different sweetness’. It is on par with any of the Warped lines. What I enjoyed was the mix of flavours that resemble other cigars from Warped, part Corto, part GR88, even La Hacienda


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