Caldwell Savages Super Rothschild

Posted on February 26 2021

Caldwell Savages Super Rothschild

Vitola: 4.75x52

Smoking Time: 65 Minutes

Cigars Smoked: 3

Body: Medium

Wrapper: Habano

Binder: Dominican

Filler: Dominican, Nicaraguan

MSRP: $12.30

Caldwell Cigars was founded in 2014 with a few simple goals in mind… “to create special cigars using well aged rare tobaccos and to enjoy the hell out of what we do.” Founder, Robert Caldwell has been in the industry since 2008, starting by creating a “hospitality cigar distribution company”, and later found himself creating his own brand and Down&Back Distribution. Their portfolio is vast and caters to smokers of all walks of life. Caldwell Cigars isn't afraid of creating wild blends, and giving them equally wild names, and have received raving reviews from multiple publications, 

Visual Inspection: A Very smooth but seemingly fragile, with a relatively oil-less light brown wrapper, and the slightest hint of a rosado color. The Savages has a clean matte feel, with small soft veins spider webbing throughout the whole stick, and have been tied off in a pigtail cap. No soft spots, but I am concerned with how brittle the wrapper feels. I do not have my Cigar Medics with me, but I trust the humidification in my humidor, shade grown wrappers often are more fragile.

The aroma off of the foot is quite subtle and pleasant, hints of barnyard, cinnamon, and pie crust. While the pull seems loose when cold drawing, it is smooth and sweet, it resembles herbal tea with honey, vanilla, and cedar.

First Third: Savages took the flame like a champ, while the wrapper felt fragile in my inspection, upon lighting it, it seems more durable. The head is very well constructed, and hasn't flaked off at all. Surprisingly this is a very nutty cigar, with hints of toast, light roasted coffee, cinnamon, and vanilla.

At first the burn line was quite wavey, but after ignoring it for a few minutes it cleaned itself up. When lighting the cigar I caught my finger on the cigar about an inch above the foot, and peeled the wrapper back, however, it has not been an issue, it did not blow up, or alter the burn line at all!

Second Third: This is an unbelievably smooth cigar. It has become much creamier as well, with notes of half and half, butter crackers, almond, green tea and recurring notes of vanilla, and honey. The flavors are not subtle, it's very welcoming, with little to no bitterness or spice.

I only touched the burn line up once and now it's burning very well. Ash is stacked and layered grey to black, only flaking at the bottom of the ash (the foot of the ash).

Last Third: While the cigar has become more full, it’s not a peppery or bitter flavor, but more towards cinnamon candy, and nutmeg, and maybe a hint of sriracha if you ponder it long enough. The same flavors that make the Savages delectable are still very present. Hints of vanilla, cream, almond, toast, and adding a garnish of lemon zest to finish this third off strong.

This specific sample is very fragile. However for all the cracks and flakes I have caused in the wrapper, it didn't cause any issues in the burn or draw. My first sample was smoked inside and didn't have any issues, my second was smoked outside in approximately 60 degrees, not terribly cold, but I feel this would contribute to its fragility.

Final Thoughts: I am becoming a huge fan of Caldwell cigars. Quality is consistent, and flavors are very complex. Savages is a great morning stick, it would go very well with coffee or a sweet morning treat! This is a favorite of ours at LCC, and is frequently passed around as a nice treat when one of us loses a bet. This is one I consider box worthy, and will continue to come and go in my humidors as I pass them to friends, and enjoy them myself.


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