RoMa Craft Tobac CroMagnon Cranium

Posted on March 01 2021

RoMa Craft Tobac CroMagnon Cranium

Vitola: 6x54 

Smoking Time: 90 Minutes

Cigars Smoked: 5

Body: Full

Wrapper: Connecticut Broadleaf

Binder: Cameroon

Filler: Nicaraguan

MSRP: $8.8

"Our philosophy is simple: Combine quality tobacco, experienced craftsmen and the right amount of time and you will produce great cigars. Never compromise in these areas and you will be able to produce great cigars consistently." RoMa Craft Tobac is a company that has a small, but mighty portfolio. With cigars all over the spectrum, I would say they mainly focus on sticks with a full bodied approach. Exclusively made by NicaSueño a well known factory in Esteli, Nicaragua. Under their watchful eye, the cigars are consistent, show signs of the utmost care, and passion.

Visual Inspection: This looks like a very durable wrapper, and is milk chocolate brown, with a clean double band. A thick white band with various depictions, with a smaller black band sporting the CroMagnon name, sits atop. There are trace amounts of tooth, but in much smaller proportions than I'm used to seeing on a Connecticut Broadleaf Wrapper. While the seams are easy to identify, it looks presentable and strong, with very few, but prominent veins. There aren't any soft spots when I squeeze the cigar, and the quality is exceptional.

A sniff of the foot reveals cinnamon, earth, and sweet, almost floral aromas. A cold draw brings notes of oak, burnt sugar, and a subtle citrus.

First Third: This is the first RoMa of this size that I have smoked, and it is quite powerful. Notes of chestnut, cedar, musty earth, and black coffee. With a retrohale, pepper and cream arrive. The draw is perfect, and puts off a pure white smoke and a smooth grey ash.

As it started off very full, the CroMagnon has lost body, while maintaining it’s nutty, wood, and coffee notes. However I anticipate a comeback of the body, and enjoy it more now it has calmed down and look forward to seeing if the flavors blend better later.

Second Third: While fluctuating in body, this cigar is consistently smooth all the way around. The flavors are subtle and complex, or provide a swift peppery kick in the pants, and I’m noticing that depending how quickly/slowly you smoke, it provides a different experience. It is a cigar I would smoke in the morning, or as a night cap. That being said, when I speed up the rate I smoke it, there aren't any ammonia flavors appearing which indicates a long fermentation process. 

Maintaining its nutty qualities, it has shifted to more of a peanut complexity. While chocolate undertones would compliment this cigar, I have yet to experience any. Slightly unusual for my palate, but a nice change. Notes of peanut, cedar, coffee, cream, are prevalent, and complemented by undertones of vanilla and cinnamon candy.

Last Third: As I expected this roller coaster is climbing in body. Now leaning towards a more full complexity, the peanut has faded into roasted chestnut bringing with it more notes of earth, and char. 

I am very impressed how this cigar has performed. Never getting any bitter, ammonia flavors from a “lower end” stick is impressive and speaks volumes to RoMa Crafts’s quality and eye for perfection. Finally similar notes of nuts, vanilla, pepper, earth, black coffee, and cedar. A retrohale reveals strong pepper and cinnamon notes. Finishing strong and powerful, just as expected!  

Final Thoughts: While RoMa’s portfolio doesn't always please me on the first go around, this has been a really enjoyable first smoke. Despite the raving compliments, after I smoked my first Neanderthal I was unimpressed at best, second was more of the same, then… the third, that was something special. And since then have loved it. This CroMagnon was completely different. Smoking the first sample has got me wanting to light up yet another. While RoMa certainly has a more full bodied portfolio, they are great cigars for enthusiasts of all palates.

  • When smoking my first sample, this was my first cigar of the day. I do not shy away from starting off with a full bodied cigar.


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