Martinez Roller’s Blend January 2021

Posted on February 19 2021

Martinez Roller’s Blend January 2021

Vitola: 7xVaries

Smoking Time: 34 Minutes

Cigars Smoked: 5

Body: Medium +

Wrapper: Varies

Binder: Varies

Filler: Varies

MSRP: $7.40

Here is your chance to experience what the rollers smoke while they make your favorite Martinez Cigar.

They grab one or two pieces of tobacco, along with whatever wrapper they’re working with that day and create what they call The Pepillo. 

The Roller's Blend is only available on the 2nd Thursday of every month with a limited quantity being made. Once they sell out, that’s it until the following month. 

These however were made exclusively for us at LCC.

Visual Inspection: This is a rough little beast. Very toothy, and lots of visible veins. There is not a lot of oil present, leaving the wrapper with a matte finish. It gives when I squeeze the cigar, but not too much, and no spots are too soft.

First Third: Wow, Let’s get right into it, immediately, I pick up chili pepper, walnut, and a splash of bourbon. It's almost a sriracha spice, and I'd like to make it known that I'm not a fan of the hot sauce, but this is welcomed. There’s a lot of complexities to this stick, while chili pepper is right up front, the sub flavors are plentiful, but fleeting. Varying from a light cracker, different nuts, oak, bourbon, to black pepper. This stick is producing a very nice white smoke, and is giving it out in ample amounts.

Second Third: The ash is incredibly tight, while showing the tooth that was visible on the wrapper. I really enjoy how consistent the cigar is, right from the jump, I picked up on flavors that have stayed true. Breaking into this third, the chili peppers have gotten more mild, and have given way to coffee, with a touch of half & half. A retrohale reveals peppercorn, butter, and the slightest hint of black cherry. 

Last Third: The chili peppers have come back, and are met with charred oak, roasted nut, bitter cocoa, and a fig sweetness. With a retrohale, coffee comes right back. As I Finish up the cigar, the flavors have smoothed out a ton, it's very creamy and light, but still retains some spice that lingers on the tongue. The draw has gotten a little tight, but I expected it due to its slight torpedo shape, however not problematic. I could not be happier with how this cigar has performed. As I put this one down, I find myself wanting to enjoy another!

Final Thoughts: For the price, this cigar is unbelievable and a great way to experience the Martinez brand. From the spicy punch that came and went, and the varied undertones, all of which provided a whirlwind of complexity. I really love the concept of these Roller’s Blends, it’s an awesome way to experience what the factory is about, and relate to the rollers that smoke them too. I have smoked plenty of these, and will definitely do so again, each month these spitfires come out.


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