Martinez Forty Five Series Maduro

Posted on December 02 2020

Martinez Forty Five Series Maduro

Vitola: 5 x 54

Smoking Time: 62 minutes

Cigars Smoked: 5

Body: Medium - Full

Wrapper: Mexican San Andres

Binder: Nicaraguan

Filler: Nicaraguan Seco, Dominican Viso,  Dominican Ligero, Cubanito

Martinez Hand Rolled Cigars is a fairly new name to the broader cigar consumer, however those of you that like to seek and destroy ultra boutiques might be aware of Martinez. Martinez Cigars was founded in 1974 in the heart of New York City by Don Antonio Martinez.

As one of just a handful of micro factories located here in the United States, Martinez Hand Rolled Cigars is primed to make a significant mark on the cigar community, already a favorite amongst the Luxury Cigar Club Members I had to light one or 5 up for myself and give them a try.

The 45 series was created to celebrate 45 years of business, blended by the Martinez master Tobacconists Crystian Polano and Marino Rosario.

Visual Inspection: The cigar definitely presents itself as rustic in appearance, some larger veins in the wrapper leaf, and the seams are noticeable. The Mexican San Andres wrapper is beautifully marbled. To the nose the cigar is sweet and leathery.

Cold Draw: On the cold draw I get a significant amount of barnyard floor, indistinct sweetness, and potentially some light notes of hay.

First Third: Wow! The first thing that comes to mind after first light is “wonderfully sweet” slight hints of leather, but front and center is a welcomed sweetness. The draw on the stick is perfect and the  smoke production high. The forward sweetness quickly fades into a more balanced presentation, although not gone, the cigar now develops a bit and presents more of the leather and spice that you might expect of a nice San Andres wrapped cigar. At this point in the cigar I would call this cigar a medium body experience at most.

Second Third: Moving into the second third the cigar has not changed much from the start, it is important to mention that I did have touch the burn line up a bit, as I was experiencing an uneven burn, nothing major, but notable. Smoke production is still great, draw perfect, and flavors are consistent and tasty. I have not had to touch the cigar up since the first correction. On to the final third!

Final Third: Moving into the final third of this 45 series Maduro I find that the power and body are bumped a notch or two. A slight amount of pepper is now evident, in both the draw and retrohale. The pepper is in no way overpowering and is quite a welcome addition to the already wonderful cigar. The burn is still clean and the cigar has required no additional touchups. The  sweetness, and leather from the first and second third are still present.

Final Thoughts: Don’t let the rustic appearance of this cigar fool you. As my mother always said “It’s whats on the inside that counts!” Full of flavor, this cigar is one that I will always go back to! We are happy to be able to offer such a unique cigar, from such a unique manufacturer here at Luxury Cigar Club!


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