Gran Habano Persian King Maduro Rajah

Posted on December 11 2020

Gran Habano Persian King Maduro Rajah

Vitola: Toro (6x50)

Smoking Time: 70 Minutes

Cigars Smoked: 3

Body: Medium

Wrapper: Nicaraguan Maduro 

Binder: Nicaraguan

Filler: Nicaraguan, Honduras

MSRP: $6.12

First Impressions: This is the most visibly oily cigar I have ever come across. You can almost feel the oil on your fingers as you hold it. The cigar is mostly unassuming, understated, and extremely elegant. Wrapped with a closed natural foot. The wrapper smells like vanilla and is extremely sweet to the nose.

Cold Draw: The cold draw on the stick is extremely tight, as most closed foot cigars are, but I do get pleasant flavors of grass, coco, and that wonderful sweet vanilla from the wrapper.

First Third: Once lit that tight draw immediately clears up, and the draw becomes near perfect. One quick note on closed foot cigars. It's important that you always draw on a closed foot cigar as you are lighting it so you get the initial blast of wrapper flavor. 

The natural wrapped foot extends into the first inch or so of the cigar and tastes wonderful. Very clean and creamy. Note of roasted marshmallow, nuts, and cedar. The retrohale is smooth and clean.

Once through the natural wrapper the body kicks up a notch, slight hints of white pepper, sweet vanilla, hay and some form of nut. Draw is impeccable smoke production is ample. This cigar is extraordinarily creamy. The burn is not razor sharp, but it is clean and consistent.

Second Third: This cigar is an absolute pleasure to retrohale, and if you do not commonly retrohale, you must with this stick. The white pepper, sweet vanilla, hay and nuts are accompanied by a fantastic aged oak influence that rounds the cigar off nicely.

Final Third: The final third of this stick is slightly unique from the rest of the cigar, with a concentration of flavors and oils, the volume is turned up to 11. Creamy, white pepper, vanilla, and nuts abundant!

Final Thoughts: This cigar is a must have for every humidor. With a retail price way under $10.00 the stick delivers one of the best experiences available for the price. No construction issues, no burn issues, wonderfully consistent flavors coupled with a phenomenal smoking time, the Persian King Maduro is one of my favorite cigars under $10.00. 

The Luxury Cigar Club Warehouse Manager is an absolute fool for the Persian King Line, and I can see why the cigars are consistent, affordable, and gorgeous. As I said earlier this is probably the most oily stick I have ever had the pleasure of smoking. If you have not tried this stick, I highly suggest picking up a 5 pack!


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