Dapper Desvalido Robusto - Pre Release

Posted on September 12 2020

Dapper Desvalido Robusto - Pre Release

Dapper Desvalido Robusto - Pre Release

Cigars Smoked: 3

Smoking Time: 78 minutes

MSRP: $10.76

Vitola: 5 x 50

Body: Full

Wrapper: Ecuador / Habano / Rosado Cafe / Oliva Tobacco Co.

Binder: U.S. / (Undisclosed) / (Undisclosed) / (Undisclosed)

Filler: Nicaragua / Jalapa / Cofradía / Oliva Tobacco Co. Nicaragua / Esteli / La Joya / Oliva Tobacco Co. U.S. / Connecticut Broadleaf / Lancaster Leaf Tobacco Co. (Undisclosed) / (Undisclosed) / (Undisclosed)

Visual Inspection: Well constructed, solid, gorgeous, toothy wrapper.

Cold Draw: Hay, barnyard floor, chocolate, figs

Note: There is a twist in this review, so please read it all!

First Third: On first light this cigar is very acrid, almost sour to the taste, and it prompted a very large amount of saliva production. This sensation quickly faded (most likely unique to this cigar, this experience was not present in the two subsequent sticks I had). Most of the flavors from the cold draw are nonexistent, the cigar tastes mostly of tobacco, and the slightest hint of chocolate. About a quarter of an inch into this stick it comes alive. Notes of cedar, slight barnyard tastes, chocolate, and those figs are back! There is a flavor I can’t quite nail, hopefully it develops! The burn is clean and even, no identified construction issues.

Second Third: As we transition into the second third of the cigar something becomes extremely apparent to me. I have tasted a blend like this before. The sweetness in the cigar has picked up, I could not call it fig any longer, but there is a pleasant creamy sweetness, along with that barnyard floor taste. The unidentified flavor has subsided mostly. The burn is still clean. No corrections needed. Small amounts of tooth noticeable on the ash. This stick reminds me of the Byron Poemas that I reviewed not too long ago. It could be its baby brother.

Final Third: The second and final thirds of this cigar are clear winners in the flavor race. This cigar transitioned nicely into a flavor bomb. Originally i would have called this a full body cigar, but I would now adjust my assessment to medium+. No significant spice, but bold tobacco flavors are there. Plenty of cream, sweetness, barnyard floor. Great smoke.

Final Thoughts: I have revisited this final thoughts section a couple times. The first cigar of the three that I have smoked so far was less impressive, I believe I might have just had a bad stick. I want to take this moment to express how important it is to not judge a cigar on just one, or on your first experience with it. These are handmade products, and as a result are not always perfect no matter who the manufacturer is. After three times with this cigar, I am happy to report that in my opinion this is the best cigar the Dapper makes. I can not wait to offer this cigar to the Luxury Cigar Club Family!

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