Cavalier Geneve White Series Elegantes

Posted on March 05 2021

Cavalier Geneve White Series Elegantes

Vitola: 4.5x52

Smoking Time: 74 Minutes

Cigars Smoked: 3

Body: Mild +

Wrapper: Habano

Binder: Connecticut

Filler: Habano

MSRP: $9.25

Cavalier Geneve was founded by Sebastien Decoppet who was born in Geneve. Sebastien Lived in Danli Honduras in his 20's and developed a love for cigars, by working directly with some of the most prominent factories in the area. Boasting a gold diamond, which was a decision by Sebastien's wife Eylin, the cigars became something people were drawn to, and invited to stay, due to the blends exceptional characteristics.

Visual Inspection: Unfortunately It is proving difficult to find out specifics of this blend, but such is life. This stick is a creamy brown, like breakfast coffee, and a decent amount of oil creates a glint. The wrapper is rough in appearance with a little flag on the cap. Veins run the length of the wrapper, and are adorned by a gold diamond under the band. The gold is clearly a novelty, it has flaked off on parts and the band is not perfect, which is okay, because I think price is absolutely a factor in cigars. For under $10 per stick, I think some small cosmetic flaws are acceptable.

Aromas coming off the foot are heavy with notes of barnyard, cinnamon, honey, and vanilla. A cold draw brings more vanilla, and cream to the palate. I used a Colibri V-Cut, which caused no problems with splitting or damaging to the cap.

First Third: The RH of this cigar is 68% and received flame nicely. Starting out with a strong but not overpowering burst of pepper. Followed up with subtle notes of barnyard, honey, brown rice, and finishing up with cream. 

Ash is loose, but is not flaking or drooping and colored dark to light grey. The burn line isn't perfect, it is wavering slightly. I’m starting to pick up notes of tannins, which meld together with the growing hints of vanilla, honey and cream.

Second Third: As the burn line has reached the gold diamond, I'm curious to see if flavors change. Once it passed, the burn line became wonky, and is burning hotter on the gold, causing a canoe. While the hints of tannins faded quickly, notes have stayed similar, vanilla, cream and honey. Nuts, oak, and black coffee have joined the party,

The gold diamond has not altered the taste in a negative way. But it is absolutely causing it to burn hotter, after a drag the orange ember shines through making me touch it up.

Last Third: After I have burned all the way passed the gold, the strong notes of nuts are still very prevalent. The aroma of the cigar is that of a whiskey barrel. Followed by flavors of bread, yeast, cream, vanilla, and a retrohale brings pepper and damp soil. Smoke production is ample, and clean white from the head and foot.

After touching up the cigar significantly, around the underside of the gold, the burn line has cleaned up beautifully, but is still burning hot. Pepper is becoming more prevalent, and the habano wrapper is showing its character, with more cinnamon coming through, followed by cedar, and char.

Final Thoughts: This is a solid cigar, but one I enjoy more when not dissecting it. Despite Its novelty catch, it is a creamy stick all cigar smokers would enjoy. The gold is a nice touch, but is simply that. Something that makes people curious, but I believe the cigar performs well enough to bring them back time and time again. As far as habano wrappers go, this is a smooth one, it doesn’t demonstrate the full profile all the way through. The White Series is subtle and smooth, and brings bursts of pepper and cinnamon, making it something I would smoke in the morning or afternoon. This is certainly one you have to try for yourself!


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