Byron Poemas 3 Anos

Posted on July 23 2020

Byron Poemas 3 Anos

Byron Poemas 3 Anos 

Cigars Smoked: 6

MSRP: $24.99

Smoking Time: 98 minutes

Body: Medium - Full

Vitola: 4 ⅞ x 52

Wrapper: Undisclosed

Binder: Undisclosed

Filler: Undisclosed

Cut: Straight

Lighter: Single Flame Butane Torch (Defi Extreme)

Internal RH Head: 69

Internal RH Foot: 67

Visual Inspection: Deep oily maduro wrapper. No imperfections, superb construction. Triple Cap.

Cold Draw: Strong notes of Dark Chocolate, Hay, Espresso, an unidentifiable savory flavor.

Draw: 5/10

1/3: On first light the Byron Poemas delivers a fairly full body experience. Smoke production is strong, and the burn is clean and crisp. In the first third the Hay note from the cold draw is present with a sweet grass flavor that is welcomed and wonderful. Very mild spice, creamy tongue feel. The savory flavor and dark chocolate from the cold draw are nonexistent. Slight flavors of vanilla appear about half way through the first third. The ash on this cigar is slightly flaky, but otherwise strong. It has a peppered white and gray color and looks clean. One thing that I will note about the first third of this cigar is the number of noticeable transitions. I could identify 3 unique transitions within the first third. The last one coming near the end, where the cigars flavors really open up. Full body experience where those dark chocolate and cream notes join in strength with the hay, sweet grass, and savory flavor.

2/3: Transitioning into the second third there is no noticeable flavor change. A change that should be noted is that the draw has opened up a bit and I would now rate it a 6/10. The burn is still clean, and has needed no attention. The ash is holding on strong, and smoke production is still fabulous. Wow! Right in the middle of the second third, about half way through the total cigar, the flavors ramp up to a million. Pepper, chocolate, leather, sweet grass, hay, and a hint of earth on the retro hale. This cigar has turned into an award winner!

Final Third: The final third is more of the same from the second third. The flavors are still vibrant, full and distinguishable. The secondary and primary band were removed with no issue or damage to the wrapper. For the review I nubbed this cigar. I highly recommend you pick up a pack of these at and give them a shot.

Final Thoughts: Few things to note with this cigar, or any cigar from Selected Tobacco. The cellophane that these cigars are wrapped in have a hole cut at the foot, which helps the cigar breath within the cellophane. This whole can damage the foot of the cigar if you remove it too quickly. When removing these, either cut the cellophane with a knife or scissors at that hole, or take your time. For anyone who is looking for a medium-full body smoking experience with plenty of smooth and well delivered flavors this cigar is a must try.


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