Back2Back Limited Edition 2019

Posted on January 22 2021

Back2Back Limited Edition 2019

Vitola: 7x52 Torpedo

Smoking Time: 75 Minutes

Cigars Smoked: 3

Body: Mild

Wrapper: Ecuadorian Connecticut

Binder: Connecticut

Filler: Dominican, Nicaraguan

MSRP: $15

Back2Back is a collaboration between Davidoff and URNY, which consists of Michael (2ESAE) Baca and Fernando (SKI) Romero. Originally released at Davidoff's store in Brooklyn, and released in a canister of 12 cigars, and limited to 30,000 cigars. The canisters were designed to resemble spray paint cans, paying homage to the duo’s craft.

Visual Inspection: I have always loved a good Connecticut cigar, one that is light, creamy, with spots of sweetness, at first glance this appears to be exactly what I am looking to enjoy. The wrapper is silky smooth, with enough oil to give it a glimmer when placed in the light. With a RH of 67%, there is not much give to the cigar. Construction looks to be good, with only a small flaw on the wrapper, about an inch from the foot.

The aroma is very forward with cedar, barnyard floor, and a sweetness that reminds me of honeysuckle. With a cold draw, however, I'm really only picking up dry hay, and a light cream. Unfortunately it is rather one dimensional.

First Third: Immediately I pick up notes of strong cedar, a light coffee with cream, and a touch of sweetness on the retrohale. It is quite complex for a Connecticut, common tasting notes, but it absolutely has me searching to identify.

Ash is loose, but nicely colored, a white grey. The draw could be a little tighter, but i'm pleased it is smoking as well as it is, on account of how firm the cigar was to start. As I get close to the next third, it has softened up, allowing just enough give.

Flavours have gotten bolder, and my original notes have stayed consistent, while bringing in more, walnut, citrus, and a buttery cracker. I am not getting any spice, or cinnamon, and i’m quite enjoying it.

Second Third: My burn line is clean, with a normal amount of wave, still nice to look at. The wrapper has cracked, ever-so-slightly where the band once was (it is about 2 inches in length). It is not causing any hot spots or burning issues. 

While coffee and cream are still very up front, a light earth is coming to meet the walnut hints. Sweetness at this point has faded, but it seems to come and go. The ash has gotten more firm, and has changed color, with a little more yellow in it. Cedar is becoming more prevalent, which leans more towards charred oak on the exhale. A welcomed flavour to accompany the buttery cracker, and cream. While no new flavours have showed up, it still is providing a complex experience, due to how bold it has become. 

Last Third: Even though starting this cigar, with the slight appearance of oil, it is actually decently oily. Honeysuckle has come back to join the party when I exhale. I am pleased that pepper or spice hasn't shown up, as I would like to save those notes for a more medium cigar.

The draw has tightened up, making it slightly harder to pull. As I thought, the cracks on the wrapper did not cause any burn issues, and have only wavered the burn line a bit. Flavours are still very consistent, starting with creamy breakfast coffee, cracker, slight notes of sweetness and citrus, followed up by cedar. A retrohale reveals charred oak.

With around 2 inches left in the cigar, it tapers into the torpedo head, which is what I suspect the draw issues are related to. Finally, I pick up brown sugar melding the flavours together, creating a very nice combination I would like to keep smoking if I could.

Final Thoughts: While I was unimpressed with the cold draw, I was not let down. Mostly, it was extremely consistent, with main flavours only shifting around on where they hit my palate. The sub flavours arriving and departing from time-to-time helped add dimension to it all leading to what I would call a complex Connecticut cigar. From citrus to nuts, the short lingering notes were both welcomed and very complimentary to the bigger picture. At the price point of $15 per stick, you cannot go wrong when you are looking for a high quality premium cigar. Next time I enjoy one, I would pair it with a cup of coffee, or a breakfast tea.


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