El Septimo Large Travel Humidor

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ruby red
emerald green
amethyst purple
sapphire blue
Built-In Ring Frame
  • Product Description

      This El Septimo travel humidor is ideal for any cigar lover! With premium aluminum metal and a sporty gloss finish, this humidor is not only stylish, but also the perfect travel case, holding up to 7 cigars at a time with a ring gauge of up to 54. The built-in humidor and hygrometer keep the humidor at optimal humidity, essential to the cigar taste and experience. The felt bottom offers a tight seal to retain moisture, as the travel tube comes in a beautiful black velvet bag and El Septimo gift box.

      To prep, moisten the interior with distilled water.

      With built-in ring frames, feel free to pack your cigars cleanly in protected allocated slots that vary in ring size.

      Without built-in ring frames, feel free to pack your cigars in the open space as you see fit.

      Comes in ruby red, emerald green, sapphire blue, or amethyst purple.

      Dimensions: 3 1/2″ diameter x 7 3/4″ height

      Net weight: 785 g

      *El Septimo fulfills all orders, please allow up to a week for items to ships. Inventory quantities may vary upon availability

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    • Variant: ruby red / yes
    • SKU: THH001-R
    • Product Type: Accessory