El Septimo Gilgamesh Collection

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      Wrapper: Costa Rican

      Binder: Costa Rican

      Filler: Costa Rican

      The Gilgamesh Collection is El Septimo’s latest addition, and offers the first 50 gauge cigars part of the brand. Symbolizing one of the oldest stories written into existence based on the historical records of Assyrian King Gilgamesh, this collection provides a unique tasting experience while focusing on the strength, flavor, aroma, and combustion of the cigar. Offering both medium bodied and full bodied cigars, these cigars’ burns last for a long period of time, while possessing a milder light-up than the traditional El Septimo Cigar, resulting in a gradual pace with the perfect balance between thickness and length.

      Aqua Anu:

      Profile: Medium

      This cigar is beautifully constructed with a dark and oily Maduro wrapper. Before light-up, you will get instant hits of a cedar aroma that evolves into scents of pine nuts and white pepper. As the smoke burns, soft flavors of coffee and light cream notes find a presence with an even ash, despite very little rotating! As an impressive ash builds, the medium-bodied cigar leaves you with a pleasant after-taste on the tongue and roof of your mouth, fully engaging your “seventh sense.”

      Sable Smash:

      Profile: Medium +

      This full-bodied cigar has a dark and oily Maduro wrapper with delicious hints of earthy espresso on the wrapper. This cigar creates a nice plume of white smoke upon the initial light-up, while exuding flavors of black pepper. As you smoke the cigar, flavors greatly mellow into a mild profile of cocoa powder and espresso beans with leather notes. However, the final flavor profile ends with a spicy kick of chili flakes and black pepper, leaving your taste buds excited and craving for more.

      King Sargon:

      Profile: Full

      This full-bodied blend is the latest addition to The Gilgamesh Collection, El Septimo’s first line of cigars that are in the 50 ring-gauge range. Blended with three fillers, the King Sargon offers a complex smoke from the foot to the head of the cigar, shocking the taste buds with woody notes and hints of chocolate. An even ash builds, despite very little rotating, leaving a pleasant after-taste on the tongue and you craving for more.

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    • Variant: 5 pack / Aqua Anu (6x50)
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