Byron Seleccion 1850

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      Wrapper: Ecuadorian

      Binder: Peruvian

      Filler: Dominican (Seco, Volado), Nicaraguan (Ligero)

      Profile: Medium +

      This new release of Byron comes to only 20 stores in the country! This wildly rare and unique cigar is bursting with flavors that made Byron famous. If you like flavorful, aged, and high quality cigars, the 1850 is a must try. 

      Byron 1850 is a certified Unicorn.

      Byron is the little brother to Atabey, both coming from Nelson Alfonso at Selected Tobacco. The Seleccion 1850 is a new blend to Byron that is produced in a small Costa Rican factory in limited quantities. All of the tobacco in this blend has been aged for 3 years, and then post-roll for an extra 2 years. These cigars rest in an aging room that is made out of a specific wood chosen specifically to aid in the aging process. 

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    • Variant: single / seleccion privada no. 2 (7x56)
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    • Product Type: Cigars