Luciano Mas Igneus

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      Wrapper: Ecuadorian Corojo 98 (High Priming)

      Binder: Brazilian

      Filler: Nicaraguan

      Profile: Medium +

      The Short Robusto vitola earned a hearty 90 point rating from Cigar Aficionado. 

      Mas Igneus means "House of Ignition" in Catalan. This cigar was created in part with ACE Prime and a winery under the same name, Mas Igneus. Created to pair perfectly with their "M" wine, it uses filler leaves the match the pH in the wine and create a one of a kind experience. 

      If you can't find M by Mas Igneus at your local shop of choice, Meirellas said you can pair it with another dense, high tannin wine, Malbecs, Cabernet Sauvignon, Genaches, Shiraz, and Bordeaux. 

      Mas Igneus is an exceptional cigar, paired with wine, or by itself. It uses a high priming Ecuadorian Corojo 98 wrapper, underneath you will find a hearty Brazilian binder, finalized with a balanced set of Nicaraguan filler leaves. 

      Mas Igneus is a very hearty cigar, expect the smoke to have a chewing consistency, full of leather, pepper, and herbal qualities.

      “Blending a cigar and winemaking are independently captivating processes, but to work jointly on this, it’s simply been a remarkable journey; searching for a balanced pH in the combined leaves was an interesting journey to say the least.” - Luciano Meirelles 

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    • Variant: 5 pack / ancho (5x54)
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