J London Telephone Booth Series Teal Telephone Booth

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  • Product Description

      Wrapper: Mexican San Andres

      Binder: Olor

      Filler: Criollo '98 , Olor 

      Profile: Medium +

      The sixth rendition of J London's Telephone Booth Series is HERE! 

      The Teal Telephone Booth is covered in a beautiful claro San Andres leaf from Mexico. For the Teal release, J London opted for a 6.5x44 Lonsdale, which was thin enough to appreciate the wrapper nuances fully, but enough cigar to not feel gypped! The complex blend of the Teal Telephone Booth makes for a medium to full-profiled experience, met with flavors of chocolate, wheat, and vanilla, met with a hearty finish.

      Each 5 pack is individually numbered, from 1 to 800. Only 800 5 packs were made! These very limited, premium cigars are a must for J London fans who have come to love the creamy, and robust profile he is well known for. 

      "After hiring a master blender with over 40 years in the industry, we are excited to showcase what is possible when using premium tobacco that has been aged 4-6 years"

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    • Variant: 5 pack bundle / lonsdale (6.5x44)
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    • Product Type: Cigars
    • Collection: J London