El Septimo Luxus Blue

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      Wrapper: Costa Rica

      Binder: Costa Rica

      Filler: Costa Rica

      Small Sabor Blue:

      Profile: Mild

      A traditional cigar with a very gradual light-up due to its structure. The structure increases with force as the ventilation heightens and the flame expands. The cigar develops more roundness mid-way through the smoke, with the last third of the smoke being truly delightful, showcasing the model’s generosity. In short, very subtle but hearty at the end.

      Rebelde Blue:

      Profile: Medium +

      A cigar of an ideal size, this piece finds its balance in the rich Cuban range with a wide and almost-nocturnal wrapper from the 2007 vintage. It is easily lit, with a gentle light-up. The herbaceous aromas embellish the first puffs, as they soon open and assert a hardened flavor with cedar and bark-planted tips. The strength arises to a crescendo, gaining depth, density, and strength, particularly at the end. A voluptuous and invigorating model for connoisseurs.

      Featured in April 2021 Platinum

      Bullet Blue:

      Profile: Medium +

      For connoisseurs seeking short and striking sensations, this short gordito will thrill them. An icebreaker, this cigar awakens any drowsy taste buds, not having enough time to tone itself down. With a belligerent and plump model, flavors appear as soon as the cigar is lit, giving short but intense moments of pleasure.

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    • Variant: 5 pack / small sabor blue (3.5x54)
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    • Product Type: Cigars