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      Ships the week of 8/24/20

      The label above says it all...

      So why am I doing this? Well here is the short list:

      #1 - Since its release some consumers insist they are sweetened... they are not, but I am OK with the "controversy" because anything that gets a consumer to try our Brûlée is a good thing.

      #2 - I have been playing "cat and mouse" on this topic on Social Media for the last year. Making jokes, trading jibes with other makers, heck, I even made a dark of the night video disclosing my super secret sweetening technique: I eat pounds upon pounds of Gummy Bears and Swedish Fish and then piss on all the tobacco! Rather than get all butt hurt about it, I have been having fun with it.

      #3 - However, a few Knucklehead Retailers actually tell their consumers it is absolutely sweet tipped... really people?!?!

      Have you never smoked a Sweet Tipped Cigar? Are you telling me a Sobremesa Brûlée is sweet like a Baccarat or Nat Sherman Host? And before anyone gets their knickers in a twist, I got nothing against those cigars; they are huge sellers, consumers love them, however it is a disservice to customers to tell them something that is factually incorrect.

      I kept saying, people wouldn't think Brûlée was sweet tipped if they could compare it for themselves head to head - same blend... one with, one without...

      So here it is - an opportunity to do exactly that, but with a fun twist! There are three versions in the pak and NO ONE but the factory and myself will know how many of each or which is which until we announce it LIVE on September 15th.

      Let's see if people really have the expert palates they all claim... let's see if that bastard Saka has been lying to us... And most importantly, let's keep fanning those flames because Sobremesa Brûlée sales are ON FIRE, we simply cannot keep it in stock and I say "Burn Baby Burn!"

      And maybe we will discover the sweet tips ones are so tasty we need to release them in the future... who knows. <snicker>

      STFU Sampler
      6x52 Parejos packed in 5-ct Paks

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