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      When Cutter KKP was first introduced in 1997, it was the first all stainless steel cutter: the body and blades. Since then, it has become the time-tested benchmark for the stainless steel double blade cutters. Its rubber grips provide cigar aficionados with comfort and control in cutting cigars. In 2004, Prometheus introduced the thinnest and lightest stainless steel double blade cutter, Cutter D. Even though it is light and thin, its blades are sharp and can cut large ring cigars. These two cutters epitomize our long standing tradition: innovations and cutting-edge designs.

      Cutter KKP

      Stainless Steel Double Blades with Rubber Grips

      It cuts 60-ring gauge cigars.

      Dimension: 3.40 inch x 1.50 x 0.30 (85 mm x 38 x 5)

      Cutter D 

      Stainless Steel Double Blades

      It cuts 60-ring gauge cigars.

      Dimension: 3.15 inch x 1.26 x 0.12 (80 mm x 32 x 3)

      Only Includes Lighter

      Protective Leather Case For Cutter D HERE

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