Jake Wyatt Limited Edition Sampler


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      Jake Wyatt is a new boutique, however the owners have been in the industry for many years. Boasting wrappers from many different countries and using Dominican binders and fillers, there are sure to be multiple cigars here that will be box worthy. 

      Most of these cigars feature multiple leaves on the foot and head to distinguish their brand from others. 

      For their first production run, each line had only 300 boxes made, and limited editions are in runs of 100 boxes.


      • Herbert Spencer Limited Edition 2019 Figurado *
      • Herbert Spencer Robusto
      • Fourth Dimension Toro
      • Appendix II Gordo
      • S.E. 2019 Perfecto *
      • Lithium Pre-Release Double Robusto
      • Lucid Interval Belicoso
      • Lucid Interval Limited Edition 2019 Figurado *
      • U.S.I.R. Gordo

      *Limited Production

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