Ezra Zion While My Cigar Gently Weeps


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      From Ezra Zion:

      We are so elated to release WHILE MY CIGAR GENTLY WEEPS! (It felt like this day would never get here!)

      As you can imagine, we come across a wide array of different tobaccos in our line of work. From ultra strong and peppery to insanely creamy, sweet, and chocolatey. WHILE MY CIGAR GENTLY WEEPS was all about taking the extreme ends of the tobacco flavor spectrum and fusing them together into the most eclectic and outstanding blends you could set fire to!

      It’s insanely rich, insanely decadent, and insanely delicious!  

      But...we could only get a small amount of the extremely rare tobaccos used in WHILE MY CIGAR GENTLY WEEPS blend recipe--the stuff just doesn't exist anymore! So we were only able to make a micro-batch of just 595 cigars!

      So, yeah, it's EXTREMELY limited!

      WHILE MY CIGAR GENTLY WEEPS is full-bodied, medium-strength 6x52 classic toro. Wrapper is a gorgeous Sumatra leaf.  Binder/filler tobaccos will remain a closely guarded secret. All tobaccos are aged between 5-12 years!

      First light is incredible! Huge blasts of vanilla bean, and sugar cone and dark chocolate rush over the palate. Heavy whipping cream, aged leather, and red oak wood follow. Retrohale adds a warming cinnamon burn.

      As it progresses, caramel, toffee, and white pepper appear. A nutty note that tastes like toasted cashew and almond emerges. Some might say it tastes kinda like Almond Roca.

      Halfway through, fresh brewed coffee with cream, all-spice, and vanilla ice cream are tasted. Graham cracker pie crust, dried fruit, and maple wood. Amazing!

      Flavors crescendo on the last third. Everything intensifies! Retrohale has a gorgeous cayenne pepper burn. More waves of nougat, vanilla bean, and walnut. Espresso beans and white chocolate emerge. It perfectly balances the complexity and sweetness of the other flavors. Amazing!

      A word of caution...You will burn your fingers and/or lips on this cigar! It smokes so perfectly down to the nub that it's hard to put down and come to terms with the fact that it's finished.

      Getcha Some NOW!

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