Alec Bradley Taste of the World Chunk Father's Day Sampler


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      Alec Bradley is celebrating Father's Day exactly how they should, with a limited edition sampler boasting cigars from both the Father's & Son's portfolios. Each cigar uses a vitola they've dubbed as Chunk, a 4.75x60 petite gordo. This is the first time Kintsugi and Gatekeeper has been shown off in this vitola. 

      Only 2,000 samplers have been made for this special occasion!

      “The Chunk’s size and shape arguably make it the ‘dad bod’ of cigars,”... ...“The sampler was a huge hit with our dad, so we decided to produce them for other families to experience the same joy we did.” -Stated Alec & Bradley Rubin.

      “As a dad, I couldn’t be prouder of what Alec and Bradley have achieved,”... ...“I'm honored that we can share these eight special cigar moments with other families.” is what Alan Rubin had to say.


      • Black Market Black Market Chunk x2
      • Gatekeeper Chunk x2
      • Magic Toast Chunk x2
      • Kintsugi Chunk x2
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    • Variant: box of 8 / chunk (4.75x60)
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    • Product Type: Cigars